Marshall 2018-01-07

Congrats on the awesome buck Marshall! Getting the job done last weekend of the 17-18 Wt season #TeamArcheryCountry #Repost @marshallseedorff ・・・ After dreaming about this old buck since he first showed up on the trail cam in October, it took until the last weekend of the season to finally stick him. Thankful that this deer will allow us to go another year without having to buy red meat from the store. 🦌🏹🥩 #deerhunting #hunting #archery #bowhunting #elitearchery #shednecks #archeryhunting #archerycountry #8ptbuck #kuiunation #kuiu @elitearchery #ACTrophyRoom

First Buck 2017-11-13

Now that’s one heck of a first buck with a bow! All of the hard work and practice with the @mathewsinc Halon 32 paid off big time, congrats on the buck Crispy! #Repost @crispy11b #TeamArcheryCountry #actrophyroom ・・・ I had the opportunity to take this beautiful Whitetail Buck this morning, making it my first kill with my Bow. He was severely sick and painfully dying, my brother @wyatt_k2 and i found him. We stalked him, i drew back, let the arrow fly, and the rest was history. 🗣🇺🇸Crispy The F*ck On🗣🇺🇸

Darren 2017-11-05

Darren with an impressive low-fence stag he harvested this morning with his @mathewsinc Halon! With an abundance of exotic game ranches throughout Texas, it has become common to see thriving populations of exotic species including the Red Stag roaming the hillcountry far beyond the high-fence origin of their relatives. With information of a possible heard of stag in the area, Darren made his first spot and stalk archery hunt a success with this majestic beast. Congrats again Darren! #TeamArcheryCountry #ACTrophyroom #MathewsInc #tightspotquivers #Eastonarrows #BeeStinger #axcelsights #Lowfence #RedStag #Bowhunting @archerycountry @archerycountry

Kyle 2017-10-14

Congratulations on your first harvest Kyle! Welcome to the #TeamArcheryCountry bow hunting family, it’s a life long addiction! #Repost @k_gideon ・・・ A few days ago I was fortunate enough to kill my first big game animal with a bow. Something I’ve been trying to accomplish for quite a long time. I am always grateful to an animal if I decide to take it, but this one was different. It felt much more natural using a bow, like this is the way we’re suppose to be. @hoytbowhunting #ACTrophyroom #hoghunting #bowhunting

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