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Aug 17 2022

Back Country 101 With Sam Stephens

AUGUST 17 – Back Country 101 with Sam Stephens (@sam.e.stephens on INSTA). This will be a one-night event that will start at 6 and go til…? This course will go over everything head to toe and in between! Basic backpacking, a gear dump and repack with instruction and Q&A while doing it. Archery equipment selection, tactics, food, pack fitting and a whole bunch more! Bring your pack with your gear and we’ll all get into this together.

Our teacher at this event is Sam Stephens, who is an accomplished back country hunter. He has always been into the more traditional side of archery, but has recently been getting more into the compound stuff, while picking up shifts here at the shop. He is a WEALTH of knowledge. He’s a Houston firefighter by trade, but for the last 20 years or so, he has taken the entire month of September off to go play in the mountains, with a bunch of kills under his belt. Come learn something, as we’ll have beginners to experienced guys here all weighing in from their own hunts.

Doors open at 6, and there will be a wild game dinner cooked by us, with meat donated by friend and customer Max.

$10 donations are recommended to cover food cost and to throw Sam a tip for the knowledge shared! You will definitely leave with a lot more confidence in you, and your equipment by spending an evening with this crew! Be there!

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